To bring together people
All ages and backgrounds

Chris Tallada also known as Mystifer Christopher takes traditional magic and gives it a unique twist. He makes sure to intertwine his goofy and charismatic personality into his work, to bring together people of all ages and backgrounds. What makes Chris intriguing to watch, is how he surprises himself along with the audience. He is always in “Awe” of the art and how the limits are endless. Chris started studying the craft of magic at the young age of 8. Today he is still inspired by many modern close up magicians. He specializes in close-up magic that involves cards, coins, tech, mentalist and everyday objects. His favorite trick he’s perfected involves a Rubik Cube. These tricks will leave you scratching your head and laughing at the end of it. Chris started working with Tape Face in December 2018. They clicked and he became the perfect match for the show. This is also where Mystifer Christopher came to life. When Tape Face’s very own Phyllisvanillis started introducing Chris as Mystifer Christopher, the rest is history. You can find the great and hysterical “Mystifer Christopher” in the opening act of Tape Faces show. You can also book him for private events, you won’t regret it.

Gallery of Presentation

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